Reasons Parents of Teens Need Umbrella Insurance

Raising teens isn’t easy or cheap. However, many parents fail to see the increased liability risk associated with creating responsible young adults, which can eventually hurt them financially.

Umbrella insurance—which is designed to go above and beyond your normal homeowner’s liability coverage—is one way to protect against this. Our Insurance Solutions Inc. team has compiled this list of three reasons why parents of teens need umbrella insurance.

Reason #1: Increased Accident Risk

Statistics show that the most dangerous time to be a driver on the road is between the ages of sixteen and twenty. Perhaps the most important reason for parents of teenage drivers in Cullman, AL to have an umbrella policy to increase their overall liability protection is the added risk of their child being in a severe or fatal accident where others are injured. In such a scenario, an umbrella policy would help pay for the other party’s medical bills above what your current auto insurance covers.

Reason #2: Property Damage

There’s an old saying that kids will be kids. While most parents like to believe that their child will always do the right thing, sometimes incidents occur where damage to property owned by someone else happens. An umbrella policy goes above and beyond the liability on your homeowner’s policy to help take care of the costs of repairs.

Reason #3: Household Guests

As any parent who has survived this phase already knows, teens are quite social and usually surrounded by friends. And when these friends come over to your house to hang out—or for a forbidden party you might not know anything about—the chance of an accident happening puts the financial risk squarely on you. In this case, having an umbrella policy can help offset the costs of medical bills, lawsuits, or other incidents involving guests at your home.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, it is time to talk about adding umbrella insurance. Contact Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL to schedule your appointment.

Get Your Boat Ready For The Summer Season

With summer around the corner, you are no doubt looking forward to a beautiful day on the water. Boating is one of the best things about the season, along with all the fun, fishing, eating and laughing that goes with it. 

It’s important to prep your boat properly before taking it out of storage and hitting the water. This quick list will give you the basics for getting your boat sea-worthy after a winter hibernation.

1. General Cleaning  And Inspection

Give your boat a thorough cleaning and inspect the hull for scratches, gouges, and abrasions. Inspect rudder and fittings, swim platform/ladder, etc. Have any repairs done and apply a fresh coat of wax.

2. Check Safety Equipment

Dinghies, fire extinguishers, safety lights and any other safety equipment on board.

3. Miscellaneous

Be sure to check batteries, electrical systems, hoses, clamps, connectors etc. Change oil and filters. Check transmission fluid. Be sure everything is lubricated and continue checking for damage and needed repairs. 

4. Water Systems

Flush water tanks and check water system for any leaks. Check hot water tank.

5. Galley

If your boat has a galley, be sure you do a thorough once-over of all components, fill propane tank, etc.

If you are familiar with boat maintenance, you can do most things yourself, if not, you’ll have to have a professional handle it. It’s always a good idea to go through a detailed checklist to ensure that your boat is ready for the water.

Also, you’ll want to be sure your boat insurance is up-to-date. If you are in the Cullman, AL area, contact Insurance Solutions Inc. to determine if you have the appropriate boat insurance for your needs.

Why Professional Liability Insurance is an Important Commercial Insurance Policy

As a small business owner, you know the importance of protecting your company. One of the best ways to do this is with the aid of commercial insurance. However, there are different forms of commercial insurance, one of which is professional liability insurance. This is a helpful insurance add-on your business needs to consider. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we want to protect your livelihood, whether it is in Cullman, AL or one of the surrounding communities. 

What is Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage also goes by the name of "Errors and Omissions." Ultimately, it protects a business from negligence claims. This can vary anywhere from a customer saying a beauty product caused them a rash to a client saying an attorney did not put forward their complete effort in representing them in an individual case. Sometimes it is a he-said-she-said debate, other times there may be some evidence to support their claim. Regardless, Professional Liability Insurance protects you in the event of such a claim. 

Varying Coverage

Professional liability insurance is not just a one size fits all kind of coverage. It can be altered and adjusted in order to provide the right level of coverage. After all, different business sectors and industries have different potential concerns regarding negligence. Understanding what concerns your own industry has is important before moving forward, but an experienced insurance agency is able to help you identify the possible concerns. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, protecting it is important. One of the best ways to protect your business is through professional liability insurance. While no two companies are the same, we at Insurance Solutions Inc are here to offer advice on what coverage your Cullman, AL company should consider. 

Valuable Home Insurance Upgrades to Consider

Home insurance is not a one size fits all safety net. You can change your policy in order to better fit what you’re looking for. This may depend on your personal lifestyle, if you have children and where you live. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we want to make sure you have all the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision on your insurance policies. So whether you live in Cullman, AL or somewhere else in the neighborhood, look into these valuable home insurance upgrades. 

Flood Insurance Coverage

You never know when a flood might hit, and chances are your current home insurance policy does not cover flooding. Whether it is due to heavy rains or a pipe bursting in the basement, it is smart to go over your current policy and see exactly what is covered. 

Home Business

If you run a business from your home there are certain activities that may not be covered. Additionally, the loss of goods and products associated with your home business in the event of a break-in or fire may not receive the coverage you’re looking for either as is. 

Sewer and Drain Back Up Coverage

This depends more on the age of your home and the kind of septic system you use. With that said, it is a valuable addition to your home that can save you all sorts of money in the event of a backed up sewer system. 

If you are looking for additional coverage but do not know where to look, consider these valuable home insurance upgrades. No matter the kind of home you own or where in the city you live, there is a way to improve your home’s financial security. At Insurance solutions Inc. we are here to help educate you and provide insights into protecting your most valuable investment. 

When to Contact Insurance Agency After Accident

In the event of an auto accident, timing is everything. From making sure everyone is alright to informing the police what happened, you need to follow through with several steps to make sure everything is properly taken care of. Eventually, you will want to contact your insurance agency to let them know of the accident. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we want to make sure everyone is safe in addition to receiving the proper insurance coverage. 

Make Sure Everyone is Alright

After the accident, make sure everyone is alright. Check your passengers and then go to the other vehicles involved in the crash. If anyone is seriously hurt call 911. If not, contact the police. They will ask if you need an ambulance for smaller injuries. 

Document the Scene

While you wait for the police, always document the scene. There is no such thing as too many pictures so snap away. This includes everything from skid marks on the road to the damage on your vehicle. It is also a good idea to take pictures of the insurance and driver information of the other driver. 

Contact the Insurance Agency

After talking with the police you’ll want to contact the insurance agency. The police will file a report with a case number. You’ll want to give this case number to your insurance agent as it provides additional information to your insurance provider. 

Whether you live in Cullman, AL or your accident takes place in the general area, you need to know how to contact an insurance agency after an accident. By following through with these specific steps, you’ll make sure everyone is safe while also informing your insurance company. If you have any additional questions regarding auto insurance claims, Insurance Solutions Inc. is here to help. 

Don’t Make These Home Insurance Mistakes!

As considerable weather events sweep the country more and more, stories of homeowners who have sadly discovered that their insurance policies didn’t cover as much as they needed come to surface. At Insurance Solutions Inc., serving the needs of homeowners in Cullman, AL, we aim to be sure that you don’t find yourself burdened with large unanticipated expenses when disaster strikes.

Be sure to be proactive by reviewing your policy with your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. You can never be too careful; be sure to confirm that you are adequately covered. Before the acts of Mother Nature run their course, ascertain the quantity of insurance on your home, as underinsuring is a legitimate problem in Cullman, AL. Oftentimes, people only have enough coverage to offset their mortgage, not taking into account the cost of rebuilding the home, including labor and supplies. Consider an automatic inflation provision, which will most likely raise your premium, yet give you more piece of mind year-to-year. 

Another common mistake for homeowners is the assumption that they have flood insurance. Inland areas can endure serious damage as the result of ground water and hurricanes. Discuss your flood insurance options with an agent at Insurance Solutions Inc.

Further, be sure to inquire about whether or not your deductible changes, depending on the cause of destruction. Many policies are designed with the caveat that the deductible becomes a percentage of the coverage, rather than a flat-rate deductible, during certain storms.

Homeowners can also assume that they are covered for mold or sewage backup, which are often not covered in traditional policies. Ask your agent about sewage protection; not usually expensive. Mold coverage, if it is available, can be very costly, however. Determine your risks and speak with the agents at Insurance Solutions Inc., who are always happy to assist you.

What is a Multi Car Discount?

In the world of auto insurance there are tons of different discounts and benefits that you can get with your policy if you simply know what they are. For those that live in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you determine what discounts you are eligible for and which you are not.

So what is a multi car discount? Put quite simply, you get a discount on coverage for the second, third, fourth, car on your policy. This means you pay a specific price for the first vehicle that you insure then you get to insure more vehicles for a discounted rate. It is sort of like when you purchase items from the grocery store and get a discount for buying multiple items. Essentially, the insurance company is giving you a discounted rate for having more than one car on your policy.

Having more than one car on your policy is going to save you money as opposed to insuring each car on an individual policy. This is a great way to have your entire home of drivers insured without having to have separate policies for each and every driver. Not all cars qualify for the multi car discount however.

First off, you have to be able to legally insure the car that you are trying to add to your policy. In many cases your name has to be on the title of the car that you are insuring. No matter the circumstance, a multi car discount is a great way to get cheaper premiums without sacrificing coverage. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you to find the multi car discount and the policy that work best for you and your drivers.

Prepping your Home for Spring

Spring is coming in Cullman, AL and you are likely more than ready. However, there are many things you can do to prepare your home for the temperature change and season transition. You want your home to look its best. To accomplish this, be sure to use these tips from Insurance Solutions Inc.


Not everyone takes the time to winterize their home, but if you did then you want to get it de-winterized as well. Now is the perfect time to do just that. Call a professional to assist you with this task to ensure it is done properly.

Decorate for Spring

There are a few fun holidays around the spring but even if you do not celebrate these holidays, then you can so some spring decorating. You can bring out bright colors to liven up your home and even consider getting some fresh flowers. There are many options and nothing says spring in your home more than having it look like spring inside.

Plant Outside

If you have some yard space, you can plant some spring flowers around your home now. It will look beautiful in just a few weeks and you will be happy you took care of it now. Thinks of getting some different colored flowers or maybe even some that will continue to bloom year after year. If you opt for this, it will be the gift that keeps on giving every year around the spring season.

If you want to be prepared for anything that can happen to your home, you need to have a great home insurance plan. Whether you are searching for a new policy or simply want to see if you can get a lower rate, be sure to contact Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL.

Myths About Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that many people think they understand but they may not have a full grasp on it. This is because there are many myths that people hear about it that they think are true. According to Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL, these are some of the top ones you may hear and the truths behind them:

  • Your Rates Increase As You Get Older. In fact, the opposite is true. As you get older, your rates should decrease. This is because many insurance companies see this as a sign of driving maturity and you may even be able to get an additional discount if you are 55 years or older.
  • If You Total Your Car, Insurance Will Pay It Off. This is a common misconception that can really get you into trouble at a later date. Auto insurance will pay for the fair market value of your vehicle which means that the original cost and any depreciation is taken into account when payouts are being determined. In a lot of cases, this amount is less than what you may owe on a vehicle and you will have to pay the difference.
  • Red Cars Cost More To Insure. This is a very common myth and generally the color of the car has no direct impact on the insurance rates. Rates are created based on the make, model, age, body type, engine size, age of the driver, the driving record of the driver, and their credit history.

In Cullman, AL, you need to have auto insurance if you are going to be driving your vehicle. To get a quote for auto insurance, be sure to reach out to Insurance Solutions Inc. They will work with you to help find the right policy and at the right price for your budget.

What Does Basic Auto Insurance Cover?

Insurance is something that many people have but have no idea what it covers. There is a wide range of auto coverage, and though you might think you have the right policy, it might not be all that you need. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you find the policy that is right for you each and every time.

Basic auto insurance, or liability insurance, covers a couple of different things. First, it covers a monetary pay out to the other driver for a specified amount of money. This is generally a set amount of around $10,000 per person involved in the accident. This helps pay for medical bills, deductibles for the other auto policy, and other pain and suffering that might be undertaken.

Liability insurance is the very least amount of insurance that you can have on your car and still be able to drive legally. You cannot have a liability policy if you still owe money on your car, you then need to have a full coverage policy. Your insurance policy not only protects the other driver but also any passengers that you might have in the car with you. It also helps pay for your medical bills, and you can get more from your insurance company if need be.

The basic policy is going to act as a safety net should anything happen and should you need to file a claim following an accident. Not every insurance policy is going to pay out $10,000, some policies pay more but most pay at least that amount. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help discuss just what basic insurance coverage means and what you can do to get the perfect policy.